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A special tale, where tradition and innovation come together

It's a story of authentic materials and the finest artisans, incomparable quality and innovative design, passion for lightness and pure lines.
Marma London eyewear was born in the heart of the Dolomites, in North East Italy, where since 1877 glasses and sunglasses were handmade. It is synonymous of excellence and high quality.

It's a special tale, where tradition and innovation come together. The hinges tightened by hand: it is a long and difficult process, but Marma London takes the hard line about quality. Artisans use their expertise that has been handed down through generations.
They work with their hands to create and refine every product, with great attention to detail. Inspired by the value of authentic craftsmanship guaranteed by italian expert artisans, Marma London still believe in handcrafted quality.

With acetate frames provided by Mazzucchelli – world leader in the production of acetate frames since 1849 – and authentic elements made in Italy, Marma London guarantees an incredible optical quality.
Style and also comfort in everyday use. Different colour combinations, a selection of special frame and the best lense. Strength and lightweight feel. The focus is making an exclusive eyewear handmade combined with high-tech and manufacturing techniques.

Only the finest italian materials, the precision of artisan assembly, the attention to detail.
Discover the unique handmade experience, something highly different because is truly hand-built.